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Selected Peak Oil News From The Web. (Updated March 18th, 2006)
Selected Peak Oil News From The Web. (Updated March 18th, 2006)
To The Wilderness – To The Wilderness
Peak Oil in Congress – It’s one year ago this date that I first came to this floor to talk about the subject of peak oil.
Peak oil is closing in
– Matt Simmons might be small in stature, but he’s a giant in the worldwide oil industry.
Peak Oil and Deep Oil – But people are talking about it now. It deserves a careful look — largely because it is true.
US Army: Peak Oil and the Army’s future – The days of cheap and plentiful energy are almost over.
Congressman Roscoe Bartlett Notes Peak Oil 50th Anniversary – Hubbert predicted in 1956.
Peak Oil, Deep Oil and Son of the Evening Star – We at Agora Financial are not afraid to touch anything.
MAR 16, 06
MAR 16, 06

MAR 16, 06
MAR 15, 06
MAR 13, 06
MAR 08, 06
MAR 01, 06
Selected Peak Oil News From The Web. (Updated February 11th, 2006)
Professor says oil addiction must go. – The world needs more than words from the president to fix America.
The Permanent Energy Crisis – Its hardly surprising that Bush portrays himself as an alternative energy advocate.
Peak oil in the U.S. Congress
– `The peaking of world oil production presents the U.S. and the world with trouble.
What Peak Oil Means to Every American – In 1970, oil production within the United States peaked…
Build-up to a new peak for oil? – It had seemed like the worst was over.
Oil reserves and peak oil – The nation’s oil reserves are far below the officially stated amount of about 99 billion.
Shell President Forced to Address ‘Peak Oil’ Theory – Shell announced their record profits…
FEB 10, 06
FEB 10, 06

FEB 08, 06
FEB 07, 06
FEB 06, 06
FEB 04, 06
FEB 03, 06
Selected Peak Oil News From The Web. (Updated January 31st, 2006)
Squeezing The Last Drop of Oil – Prices of oil will only rise from now on.
Hurry Up and Kuwait – The price of oil creeps back up to $70 a barrel as Kuwait says they have only half their oil.
Osama’s Secret Weapon
– To find out where Osama gets his mojo, go to your computer and Google “Peak Oil.”
The Peak Oil Crisis: New Years 2006 – It’s a neat summary of a year of Peak Oil news.
Peak Oil in Rural Oregon – People might start leaving rural places as driving in rural oregon become unaffordable
Peak Oil: Aids, Addiction and Opportune Infections – Get out of debt or you won’t survive peak oil.
Bracing the world for the day when the oil runs out – That moment is known as “peak oil”
JAN 29, 06
JAN 27, 06

JAN 26, 06
JAN 26, 06
JAN 25, 06
JAN 25, 06
JAN 17, 06
Selected Peak Oil News From The Web. (Updated January 17th, 2006)
World faces energy crisis – The Chinese Dragon races USA for consumption.
Professor warns about implications of Peak Oil Academics begin talk about abundance of collapse.
– Oil continues to rise in the new year.
Over the Peak – “Automatic Pilot” causes companies to guzzle at top rate.
Author offers bleak peek at life after ‘peak oil’ – Date of Peak Oil hotly debated at conference.
Peak Oil and the End of Empire – Peak Oil meets Peak Conspiracy as major powers feed oil addiction.
Peak Oil And The Politics Of Global Solutions – Comments of the role of government in sustainability.
JAN 13, 06
JAN 12, 06

JAN 12, 06
JAN 11, 05
JAN 09, 05
JAN 08, 05
JAN 07, 05
Selected Peak Oil News From The Web. (Updated January 4th, 2006)
Iraqi Oil Exports Hit New Low – Despite Uncle Sam tender squeezes the oil won’t flow.
Countries Report Gas Delivery Shortfall – Russia turns off the taps to the rest of Europe.
Europe faces potential gas crisis
– Russia rattles its natural gas sabre.
Peak Oil Issue Overdue For Airing – Tom Udall lets us know: Peak Oil finally gets the attention.
Growing Our Fuel?– Growing our fuel; where will we find our new power source?
Help Us To Better Serve You – California settles for 6.3 Billion.
The Outlook On Oil – Peak oil approaches as we form an outlook on oil.
JAN 03, 06
JAN 02, 06

JAN 01, 06
DEC 30, 05
DEC 29, 05
DEC 29, 05
DEC 28, 05
Selected Peak Oil News From The Web. (Updated December 26th, 2005)
HOW FAR DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE? – If animals or humans exceed ‘carrying capacity’ they crash in numbers.
The Warning of Peak Oil – the concept of Peak Oil is slowly percolating into mainstream dialog.
EATING LOCALLY IS HARDER THAN YOU THINK – But peak oil may force us to.
Viewpoint: We are facing a severe survival test – Peak Oil and Gas are beginning to weigh upon us.
Husky to pump $2.8B into oil projecte – The money will be spent to complete Husky’s Tucker oilsands project.
Goldman’s Murti says ‘peak oil’ makes $105-mark tame – Here Goes Nothing.
To Leave or Not to Leave – If we leave Iraq we leave all the needed oil behind. So lets stay instead
DEC 23, 05
DEC 22, 05

DEC 21, 05
DEC 21, 05
DEC 20, 05
DEC 19, 05
DEC 19, 05
Selected Peak Oil News From The Web. (Updated December 17th, 2005)
Lessons About Human Reactions to Peak Oil and the Desperation to Conceal It – Psychosis, Media, Masses.
Peak Oil Scenario Planning – Local Governments Are Not Preparing For Peak Oil Even Though They Know About.
Exxon: Oil demand to rise 50% – Energy industry can supply what’s needed, company says.
So, You Want to Assassinate Hugo Chavez? – A Wall Street Analyst Warns His Peers About Peak Oil.
Planning for a future not dependent on oil – Economists and investors talk about something called “peak oil.”
Chained to oil – U.S. needs better energy policy.
Action Alert: Flyer Syriana – The Reality Behind Syriana campaign is to raise the awareness of Peak Oil.
DEC 15, 05
DEC 14, 05

DEC 14, 05
DEC 12, 05
DEC 12, 05
DEC 10, 05
DEC 09, 05
Selected Peak Oil News From The Web. (Updated December 8th, 2005)
The Peak Oil Crisis: The Gulf Stream aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Peak Oil Hearing: Udall Testimony.
World Oil Production capacity to increase up to 25% by 2015.
Peak Oil hits the hill.
Neoreality: Peak Oil And Iraq.
Peak Oil: No Magic Bullets, Only Poison Pills.
Hedgehogs, predictions, and peak oil.
DEC 08, 05
DEC 07, 05

DEC 07, 05
DEC 05, 05
DEC 05, 05
DEC 02, 05
DEC 01, 05
Selected Peak Oil News From The Web. (Updated November 30th, 2005)
Peak Oil Is Happening Now Right now the global community is facing one of the greatest threats .
Portal Turns Peak Oil Price Into Investment Opportunity. – Oil-price.net predicts investment opportunity..
Oil Sands No Magic Bullet – The Canadian deposits are enormous — more than a trillion barrels.
Syriana and Iraq – The “age of peak oil production” is approaching faster than you think.
What your Mama never told you about NAFTA – American energy drain could pose greater problems in future.
Move past era of oil, experts say – Peak Oil can effect us all in the near term even if were not prepared.
U.S. Racing The Clock
To Find Alternate Fuels – Saudis lack the capacity to pump as much oil as they boast.
NOV 29, 05
NOV 28, 05

NOV 27, 05
NOV 27, 05
NOV 26, 05
NOV 25, 05
NOV 24, 05
Selected Peak Oil News From The Web. (Updated November 23rd, 2005)
France Wants To Raise EU Limits On Biofuel Use French Industry Minister Francois Loos wants…
Can Washington Grow Enough For AState Biodiesel Industry?The dream is homegrown diesel, and…
New Urbanism May Work In N.O. To Revitalize City – At one time, the quickest way to kill an idea…
Peak Oil, Energy Futures and Violent Conflict – The term “peak oil” refers to the phenomenon of oil production…
World At Tipping Point; Oil Peak Arrives – The American empire is an energy junkie a maximum output…
New Urbanism May Work In N.O. To Revitalize City – New Urbanism will be the salvation of post-Katrina…
PEAK OIL – DEEP OIL – Called to explain to Congress why, when the consumers are being gouged…
NOV 20, 05
NOV 19, 05

NOV 18, 05
NOV 18, 05
NOV 17, 05
NOV 16, 05
NOV 16, 05
Selected Peak Oil News From The Web. (Updated November 16th, 2005)
Oil hits 4-mth low under $57 Crude prices are down nearly 20 percent since hitting a peak above $70.
CLUB OF ROME/CFR STRATEGY? – Peak oil is a scam designed to create artificial scarcity and jack up prices..
IEA says Saudi Arabia can increase oil output by 2030 – Is This For Real?
What If We Don’t Run Out Of Oil? – What if oil is a renewable resource produced in the Earths’ mantle?
Peak Oil And How It Will Change Your Life – Richard Heinberg has his finger on the global pulse of fossil-fuel.
Energy Experts Ponder End Of Oil – Will renewable energy be able to fill the gap in time?
Energy analyst sees end to oil’s heyday – Statistics clearly show an impending peak in world oil production.
NOV 16, 05
NOV 16, 05

NOV 15, 05
NOV 14, 05
NOV 14, 05
NOV 13, 05
NOV 12, 05
Selected Peak Oil News From The Web. (Updated November 9th, 2005)
The End of Cheap Energy Heating your house this winter will probably cost twice as much as last year.
Peak Oil Crisis: Importing Energy – Just beyond public perception is the 800-pound gorilla of peak oil issues.
Time Finally Covers Peak Oil – Time became the most recent publication to finally give coverage to Peak Oil.
The Coming Petro Collapse – Peak Profits – Exxon Mobil Corp. (XOM) rewrote the corporate record books.
Does Peak Oil Signal The End? – Prices may be steady for now, but there are fears they’re set to reach higher.
Legend Discusses Peak Oil – Henry Groppe shares his opinion about the oil patch.
Kunstler and Chomsky: Iraq and Peak Oil – The United States at the head of a coordinated…
NOV 06, 05
NOV 03, 05

NOV 01, 05
NOV 02, 05
OCT 20, 05
OCT 19, 05
OCT 10, 05
Selected Peak Oil News From The Web. (Updated October 31st, 2005)
Peak Freaks – Not Everyone Believes That Peak Oil Is That Serious A Threat At The Petrocollapse Conference.
Exxon Mobil Profit, Sales Soar To RecordsPeak Oil Means Peak Profits Of Over $9 Billion Dollars.
Iran Is The Next Target – The Goal is to establish multiple US military bases there before the onset of Peak Oil.
The Coming Petro Collapse – The living feed on the dead, and burn the remains.
Tesla is Here “A Message to the World” – New energy technologies that could eliminate our need for fossil fuel.
Escaping The Road To Extinction
– Terrorism Kills Small Numbers Of People But Peak Oil Will Kill Millions.
Vermont Moves to Secede from American Empire – The first convention on secession in the United States…
OCT 28, 05
OCT 27, 05
OCT 27, 05
OCT 26, 05
OCT 26, 05
OCT 25, 05
OCT 24, 05