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After-Oil.co.uk - This report considers the measures to be taken to ensure the survival of the United Kingdom in a new century.
The Cultural Economist - Cultural economics is the study of how we interact with economic events and conditions.
Great Change.org - Site About How Energy, Food And Climate Change Are All Connected And How Time Is Running Out.
Peak Energy Blog - Latest News And Essential Peak Oil News In The Sidebar.
Peak Oil News Blog - This news blog contains Information and excerpts from other web pages.
Planet For Life.com - A Personal Site About The Coming World Energy Crisis. Interesting Information And Book Reviews.
Simmonsco-intl.com - Matthew R. Simmons An Expert In Peak Oil Has Two Words About The Future Economy. NO GROWTH!!!
SueSupriano.com - Steppin’ Out of Babylon: Radio Interviews Produced by Sue Supriano.

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