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Cobworks.com - Your Guide To Building Cob And Earthhouses.
DayCreek.com - A Website Devoted To Building Homes Made Of Cordwood And Sulf-Sufficient Homes.
DreamGreenHomes.com - This Site Gives You Plans For Earthships And Other Unique Designs. You Can Purchase Designs Online.
Enertia.com - Hybrid Solar Houses. Building Systems"Homes" Page With Plans And More.
Flying Concrete Home Page - Structural And Sculptural Forms In Light Weight Concrete.
FormworksBuilding.com - Hurrican Proof, Disaster Proof, Earth Sheltered Homes That Are Environmentally Friendly.
Gale And Snowden - Ecological And Energy Efficient Architects.
GreenHomeBuilding.com - You can find a wide range of information about sustainable architecture and natural building.
LaskoSchoolOfLogBuilding.com - Exactly What The Title Says.
Plainsman's Cabin - Here we will focus on hunting, camping, hiking, backpacking, wilderness survival and beyond.
Solardome.co.uk - Why not enjoy the sun all year round - banish S.A.D and lift your spirits with your own Solardome.
SolarHouse.com - Designing A House To Be Self Reliant On Active And Passive Solar Energy.
TheNaturalHome.com - Sustainable Design Using Passive Solar Heating, Composting, Shade Netting And Earthship Plans.
Yestermorrow.org - Design And Building School Using Alternative Materials.
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