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Cumbria's First Underground House - This House Leaves No Ecological Footprint.
DennisWeaver.com - Would You Believe This Guy Is Selling The Worlds Largest Earthship At 10000 Square Feet.
EarthShelter.com - Earth Shelter Resources On The Web : Builders, Architects, Concepts, And More.
Earth Sheltered Housing - An earth sheltered house is quite simply a building that uses earth (dirt) to protect it from the outside elements.
Earthship Belgium.be - Includes Articles, Fotos And More All From Belgium And Beyond.
Earthshipbiotecture.com - Did You Know You Can Rent An Earthship And Learn More About Them On This Website?
EarthenSun.com - Books, Plans, Videos, Gadgets, and Custom Tools to empower the Solar Owner-Builder for a better world.
Earth-House.com - Your central information source on Earth Sheltered Homes and materials.
Earthpower1.com - An Earthship is a structure that is self-sufficient. It is a building that provides it's own heat, cooling, water, electricity and sewage treatment.
Earthships.com - The Earthship Is Landing In Durango Colorado.
Earthship Home - A New Idea In Earthships, Building 3 Of Them Together To Help Conserve Energy And Space And Build Community.
Earthship.org - Everthing You Want To Know About Earthships, Living And Constructing Them.
Enerdome.com - We now focus entirely on Earth Shelter Technology Homes, Innovative Products and items manufactured from recycled content.
GradyAllEngooch.com - Allen & Pats Earthships.
HomeForLife.co.uk - Curvilinear Architecture for earth sheltered homes, educational projects and commercial developments.
Pleasant Valley Earthship Site - Building With Earth.
Scott & Janis Derrick's Earthship voyage. - Their site is sponsored by the founder, inventor, dreamer and chief architect of the Earthship, Michael Reynolds.
Sustainable Communities Initiatives - Earthship Development In Scotland.
Tom & Gail - Their pictures show some very interesting interior finish ideas and a cement roof system.
Touch The Earth Ranch.com - Tire House Construction And Images And Information About Our House.
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