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Crisis Energetica.org - A Spanish Language Site That Deal With Peak Oil.
Depletion-Scotland.org.uk - A Group of individuals based in and around Edinburgh, Scotland, who are concerned that global oil production is going to peak then decline from 2005-2006.
Energy Shortage.com - Welcome To This German Website About The Upcoming Energy Crisis.
ODAC-Info.org - Oil Depletion And Analysis Centre, Also A UK-registered educational charity.
Oil Crash.com - A New Zealand Based Site About The Coming Oil Shortages.
Peakoil.ie - An Irish Website Dedicated To The Study Of Peak Oil And Gas.
Peakoil.org.nz - A Peak Oil Site From New Zealand.
Polemos.net.au - Australian Thoughts On The Coming Oil Crisis.
PowerSwitch.org.uk - Raising Awareness Of Britain's Energy Future And Energy Prices.

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