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Design & Alternate Construction (14)
Earthships (20)
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Environmental Sustainability (5)
Homesteading (3)
Strawbale Houses (2)

Active Living By Design.org - This program establishes innovative approaches to increase physical activity through community design.
Bagelhole.org - Information Center For Low-Tech Sustainability For Individuals And Communities.
BeerNecessities.org - A website focussing on Sustainable Solutions to the complex of challenges that are confronting us in the wake of two hundred-or-so years of unmitigated industrialisation.
Classicist.org - The Institute Of Classic Architecture And Classical America.
Cyburbia.org - The Urban Planning Portal With Gallery, Forum And More.
Detour Publications.com - Looking for the latest, greatest and classic information on sustainable transportation, urban ecology, transit, walking, cycling, green cities & More.
Detroit Yes.com - A Site Showing How Little We Really Value The Modern American Dream And Architecture.

Eartheasy.com - Simple, Sustainable Living.
EarthSociety.org - A Site About Waking Us All Up To Community And The Realities Of Resource Depletion.
Easily Adaptable Technologies for Sustainable Living In Nepal And Elsewhere.
EcoCityBuilders.org - A non-profit organization dedicated to reshaping cities, towns and villages for long term health of human and natural systems.
EcoEarth.info - The Environmental Sustainability Portal.
Ecological-Living.info - Information On Green Business, Building, Alternatives And Living.
Economads.com - In Quest Of A New And Tribal Culture To Replace To Individualistic Consumption One.
Feasta.org - The Founation For The Economics Of Sustainability.
Florida Sustainable Communities Center And E Design.
Intbau.org - INTBAU is a world wide organisation dedicated to the support of traditional building, the maintenance of local character and the creation of better places to live.
Global Ecovillage Network - Creating Indefinate Communities In An Overdepleted World.
GlobalGreenPlan.net - Taking A Pro-Active Approach To Building And Planning Sustainable Communities.
LAPostCarbon.org - Educating our Los Angeles communities on the issue of peak oil and taking steps to prepare ourselves for the post carbon age.
Livablecities.org - An International Site Making Cities Livable.
Michigan Land Use Institute - Making Smart Growth A Reality In Michigan. New Urbanism, Rail Transport And Organic Farming.
Natural-Resources.org - The Natural Resources And Sustainable Development Portal With Info On Energy, Water, Biodiversity And More.
Newcolonist.com - The New Colonist...for the citizen of the new century.
New Urbanism.org - Giving more people more choices about where and how they want to live.
PermacultureActivist.net - Promoting the design of sustainable human communities in North America's leading (and the world's oldest) permaculture periodical.
A Place For All Of Us : Living Room - Join us to discuss urban and suburban design, transportation modalities, habitat preservation, urban farming, social and environmental economics, and anything else related to the communities.
Villageeat.org - Resurrecting Classical Land Use Patterns.

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