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ASPO - The Association For The Study Of Peak Oil And Gas.
Dry Dip Stick.com - A peak oil metadirectory.
Eclipse Now.org - Welcome To The End Of The Oil Age!
HubbertPeak.com - This website provides data, analysis and recommendations regarding the upcoming peak in the rate of global oil extraction.
Life After The Oil Crash.net - Civilization as we know it is coming to an end soon. No Joke!
Oil Analytics.org - All About The Production And Discovery And Use Of Oil In The Good Old USA.
OilCast.com - Energise Your Outlooks. Articles, Links And Much More. Audio On Demand.
OilCrisis.com - Chronicling The Coming Global Oil Crisis. Prepare Now!
Oil Empire.us - A Political Map To Help Understand Peak Oil And More. Conspiracy Stuff Too!
Oil Depletion - Overview With Links And Resources For Peak Oil People.
Oil Depletion.org - Reviews the problem of oil depletion and closely related concerns regarding gas depletion.
OilPeak.com - A Great Group Of PDF Posters Advocating The Cause Of Peak Oil.
OilScenarios.info - Peak Oil Scenarios Exploring The Oil Depletion Debate.
Peak Oil Center - Informing people about the upcoming energy crisis and other peak oil resources around the net.
Peakoil.org - The Peak In World Oil Production Will Change Everything.
Peakoil-Ps.com - Peak Oil Paradigm Shift. The Urgent Need For a Sustainable Energy Model.
Petropulse.com - The Impact Of Oil On Everyday Life.

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