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CoGreenPower.org - Colorado Wind Power Campaign Has Reasons Why You Should Implement This Form Of Energy.
Coyote Energy - Wind Project Development Specialists.
CurryKerlinger.com - Does Risk Assessments For Birds And Wind Power. Their Conclusion Is That Glass Kills More Birds Then Anything Else.
KilronanWindFarm.com - Kilronan Wind Farm is situated in the Kilronan Mountains close to Derrinavoggy in County Roscommon on a plateau 320 metres above sea level.
OffShoreWindEnergy.org - Information For Professionals Dedicated To This Field.
VentusVigor.com - The Wind Energy Portal Designed And Operated By Students. Let The Wind Be Your Energy.
Windpower-Monthly.com - News Magazine Dedicated To Wind Power And Its Promotion And Utilization.
Wind Rose - Wind Turbines Installed In Japan/Wind Rose.
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