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Lets Roll, 911 & Peak Oil Dusko Jocic (January 31, 2006)

I'm sure many of you are already cringing at the sight of this articles title but most biblical scholars don't even make the connection that peak oil can bring about the end of days. According to the Book Of Revelation in the new testament, Armageddon is supposed to happen in the Middle East. Sounds like a fairly logical place if that's where all the oil is and nations are starving for energy. The final battle is supposed to begin when Iran and its northern allie, (most scholars say Russia) attack the nation of Israel. They are repelled by the revived Roman Empire, which is most likely a European & North American Coalition.

Then the real fun begins as China and the armies of the far east send out an army of 1 billion people to attack this Revived Roman Empire and try to gain control of the middle east. I always wondered why anyone would be crazy enough to send 1 billion of their citizens on an all too certain death march. Once I realized the scope of future energy crisis it became all too clear. If Americans and the British are all too willing to sacrifice their lives to water the tree of liberty and save $1 on a gallon of gas can you imagine how oil hungry the Chineese are? Their new empire is rising and they will stop at nothing to become the next great superpower.

But what about Russia & Iran, why do they start the war? Russia has enough oil reserves to profit nicely from peak oil. With a declining population and vast resources it will be well positioned to survive and thrive after the peak of energy production. So why attack Israel? When people think of the Jewish nation they see a nation of people that are extremely wealthy and they are jealous because of it. Depression era Germans' needed someone to blame so it was easy to target wealthy Jews that saved money for a rainy day and relied on interest to make their
money. Interest being the key to my arguement. Interest can only be re-payed if an economy grows exponentially. Cheap energy has ensured exponential growth for the last 150 years and many Jewish money lenders have made handsome fortunes. So have others, but the stereotype is often the Jewish money lending banker. Like the guy we typically see on the Ditech.com commercials.

As peak oil happens it will become all to apparent that exponential growth will be impossible and because of that many nations will be destroyed financially. People will blame governments, banks and mania will grip many into thinking there is some kind of Zionist conspiracy. Russia has been on the brink of financial disaster and the current government could fall at any time. And the new government could blame America or Israel for this. Add the fragile balance of population decline in Russia with paranoia and you can see why the Russians would feel threatened. The United States is positioning more and more troops closer to Russian borders and this could also
provoke anti-American sentament. It is a very delicate balance and I'd hate to see a shooting war for Israel and
the Middle East.

As I write this article I am fully aware that the United States has its envious eye focused on Iran. All that oil and an extension to the cheap energy party it has enjoyed for the last 100 years. But Russia is Irans' allie and if the United States government is stupid enough to attack Iran instead of looking to alternatives it could easily lead to world war three. But I'm sure the stratagists at the Pentagon have studied their plans alongside bible prophecy. So lets keep our fingers crossed and hope hell on earth doesn't come to pass and if it does, god save us all.

By: Dusko Jocic

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