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Hallucinated Wealth And The Future! Dusko Jocic (May 20th, 2006)

What exactly does the word WEALTH mean? For many wealth means how nice, new and up to date their lifestyle and personal possessions are. How new is your car? How expensive? Which brand? You are judged based on these things and not the wealth of knowledge or wisdom you might have in your mind or heart. What happens when we cease using cars when they become impossible to make and unaffordable to drive? Will we value clothing more? What happens when the cheap shipments of clothing stop coming in from China. What then? Will you be judged on your vacation when air fuel becomes too expensive for most to travel abroad? These are the questions modern Western Societies will have to answer in ten years time.

Societies are human herds where people need constant visual re-enforcement that they are making the right
choices in their lives. This applies to both, economic and moral values, plus a buttload more. I was a loner
growing up with little more then imagination and a classroom full of enemies. I learned to watch my back, not take
things at face value and question the reality I was faced with. But 95% of people hummed along keeping the status
quo and believing that everything would be alright. Simply hoping that everything will be alright doesn't always
work. The Jews of Europe still had hope when they were put in the gas chambers. Their hope only ended when
they were dead. We might be marching into a death chamber with limited resources and everyone fighting for them. But there is still hope right?

Wealth in todays' Real Estate Bubble, Fashion, Technology, Stock Market and other things will disapear
and be replaced by the only real physical measure of wealth, LAND. When voting was first divised in England the
only ones capable of voting were male land owners. The land fed the people and everything of value came from
that. It's not too late for many of us to take our halucinated stock portfolios, Suburban Homes And Condos, sell
them and buy large plots of farmland around major cities.

The part of Canada I live in has recently setup a greenbelt around the metropolitan area. The farm property
values in those areas have dropped since. Farmers can't sell their land to land developers, get rich instead they
now die farming. Chineese individuals have setup a fund in Ontario, Canada and have started buying up huge tracts
of land in the green belt around Toronto. The Toronto Star did a story trying to understand why but they couldn't
get into the core of the story. The asians buying the land say they are buying it as a future investment. Soon that
land will be priceless and people in the local area won't even own their own land to grow food. But democracy works out always, doesn't it?

In the end, the only thing that will save us is a return to the land and finding a way to democratize that
process. The new revolution has to be about wealth associated with land and not intellectual property, housing
bubbles, tulip bulbs or anything else imagined.

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