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Global Dimming And Peak Oil Dusko Jocic (July 20th, 2006)

Look out boys and girls it's official. If we start going into an energy tailspin global warming is about to
go through the roof. It all started a few years ago when Isreals' Minister Of Agriculture measured the amount
of sunlight hitting isreal. He was startled to learn that there was a 10% reduction in sunlight hitting the area.
Other scientists had also reached the conclusion that there was a 16% drop in Europe, 30% in some regions of
Russia, 10% lost over North America and a drop everywhere else. And the cause being pollution from the
burning fossil fuels. Global Warming is much worst then we thought and is being masked by our carbon emissions.

Once we peak in oil and carbon emmissions we will spew out less greenhouse gases and climate change could quickly become a runaway train. Percipitation is dropping around the world and droughts are being caused all
around the world. Makes you wonder if the dust bowl in the 1930s was caused by a reduction in greenhouse gases
caused by lower economic activity during the great depression? If so, then peak oil will make the dust bowl
seem like a picnic. All around the world sand and dust storms are being kicked up. When I was in Egypt last
year the sky over the red sea was yellow from all the dust. China is having horrible dust storms in their
capital and desertification is intensifying all over its landscape.

If we stop global dimming by cutting down our co2 emissions, runaway global warming might kill most life on earth
and reduce the human population. If we continue to emit gases then we're doomed anyways. I say it's time
to pick out a deck chair on the Titanic and stay a while. As I see it, were not going anywhere and
the heat is about to be turned up. Based on many scientific models, oceans will rise and much of the Eastern
Shore of the United States Will be underwater. There will be terrible droughts in the central and western portions
of the country. The only regions that will continue to get rainwater in sufficient amounts are the great lakes
region and Northern California Up into British Columbia. Much of the rest will be terrible to live in and will
have rather small populations.

I reached many of these conclusions after watching the PBS special on the subject. What really scares me is that
there is no solution and a great extinction level event is about to hit our planet. I ultimately place the blame
on the British Empire. Without the industrial revolution we would all be somewhat better off in the future but
probably miserable in our log cabins right now. If you live in Boston, New York, Washington, Virginia or Florida
watch out as you might be underwater in 40-50 years. So time to start packing for Chicago. I have had a revelation
tonight and I'm afraid it has chilled me to the bone.

Add to all these problems that NASA has said that starting this year, or next and up to the year 2012-2013,
the sun's activity is going to increase 30%-50%. We are truly fracked aren't we?

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